The rise of the ubiquitous Internet.

The financial collapse of the global economy.

The chaos of changing weather patterns.

The cyclical pattern of nature.

The transience of personal relationships.

The gentrification of urban development.

Change is sometimes feared, change is sometimes embraced. We lament change manifested in loss, we celebrate it through perfection. Physicalities can change, memories can remain resilient and time keeps moving forwards.

It seems that change is at conflict with us and ourselves. History has preceded long before us and will proceed long after us and this conflict of change does not have a definitive solution but instead it has many possibilities.

This online exhibition invites you to surprise yourself by exploring our world “in times of change”. In these tumultuous times, what has changed? What has in fact stayed exactly the same? You might discover, you might reminisce, you might ponder.

The theme of ‘change’ is narrated by the unique perspective of each participant. Diverse topics are tackled, from digital technologies to the physical world, from fashionable fun to seriously effectual, from political observations to philosophical diversions. Though seemingly random, they are all interconnected through the focus of narrative about us and our society amidst tumultuous change.

You are asked to browse the exhibition at your own pace. Click the links that interest you, or take the plunge and dive into something you don’t know about. You bring with you your own experiences that you can relate to, argue or augment the story. Leave a comment, create your own narrative or simply immerse yourself into the content.

This collaboration was curated by students of the Internet (more specifically through Curtin University via distance education). The participants were dispersed and wholly connected online via discussion boards and Facebook. Each page was thoughtfully spliced together by drawing new and existing elements into one cohesive narrative. The result is a diverse discussion that embraces multiple facets of our changing world.


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