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Craft Beer Crusaders @ Rose Diner and Bar, Port Melbourne

I think I was on TV the other night. Well, maybe? I don’t have a TV so I guess this post is already going nowhere.

Some cold evening in the month of May, I took a tram to Port Melbourne on the vague promise of free beer and food and something about TV cameras. I guess we’re told not to take candy from strangers and images of Cabin in the Wood style story plots did cross my mind. But meh I thought, if it was the end at least I’d be drunk and full.

The story goes like this.

These couple of dudes film a show on Channel 31 called Craft Beer Crusaders. You privileged folk with televisions and excellent reception will probably have watched it before (I had not seen it before). They had spent the past lot of weeks visiting Victorian craft brewers and the aim was to culminate all their newfound knowledge and beer wisdom into a food and beer matching competition. The two hosts pitted against each other to pick the best beers local craft beers to match a five course degustation designed by the folk at Rose Diner and Bar.

We had the difficult job of eating the food, drinking the beer and grabbing the microphone to talk wank about it – a combination of activities that I enjoy greatly. We inserted words such as yeast infection, dusty and hibiscus into our beer descriptions and everyone was perfect in their pronunciation of ‘saison’ and ‘hefeweizen’ (I can’t pronounce it). My best contribution to the vivid discussion was to say that the Temple Brewery Scarlet Sour tasted like Whizz Fizz. Good one Michelle.

Did I also mention that there was a bathtub full of beer?

Beer Bathtub with sunflowers!

Beer Bathtub with sunflowers!

Besides my lame contribution, I really enjoyed listening to a bunch of people who really loved beer and food, chat and share their knowledge about it. Sounds kind of sad on my part, but the passion and dedication that emanated from everyone really got me excited about the Victorian craft beer industry. And of course, the food was totes yum. Especially incredible was the Rose’s roasted pork belly oh em gee. You should have heard the amazing crunching sounds as everyone cut and bit into the pork crackling.


Anyway, I’m revisiting this event as the Craft Beer Crusader dudes are filming their final episode for the season and throwing a shindig at the Local Taphouse in St Kilda. If you can’t make it, you can watch the final few episodes on Tuesday nights at 9pm. Hopefully next season I’ll have a television to actually watch the show.

You can read the Beer Crusader’s recount at their blog.

My trifle was feeling a bit drunk too by the end of the night.

My trifle was feeling a bit drunk too by the end of the night.


Rose Diner and Bar – 309 Bay Street, Port Melbourne. (03) 9681 8550.

The Local Taphouse – 184 Carlisle Street, St Kilda. For event ticketing visit

Craft Beer Crusaders –

OK to bring a date? yes

Sounds like: King Khan & BBQ Show – Spin the Bottle

Rating: 5/5


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