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Katz Deli – Manhattan, NYC

Katz Deli

A trip to New York will inevitably end up in many encounters with Meg Ryan movie locations. No joke. You can pretend not to notice, but they’re unavoidable. You can also pretend like you haven’t seen a bunch of Meg Ryan rom coms. You know, those quiet nights in…when you decide to lounge in front of the TV…and you’re channel flicking and you go oh fine, I’ll watch this Meg Ryan movie for a bit. And then 1.5 hours later, you’re rejoicing that she finally runs into Tom Hanks on top of the Empire State Building…Yeaaaah. We all have those moments.

In case you “can’t remember” how it goes, here’s the clip of Meg Ryan trying to meet up with Tom Hanks at the top of the Empire State Building. She’s running late, he gets in the elevator to go home just as her elevator door opens to arrive. Ah will they ever get the chance to say more than just “hello”???

On my NYC trip, I went up to the top of the Empire State Building near closing time – not to meet my Tom Hanks, but to skip the long queues during the day (worth it, those queues go for hours!)

Second on the Meg Ryan tour would be Central Park for the scene with Tom Hanks from You’ve Got Mail. Central Park is amazing, soooo big! And there is always so much happening in it. Who knows, you might run into your Shopgirl or NY152? 😀 I found a guy selling Spongebob popcicles winn! (Not as romantic, but sugary and tasty!)

And last but not least, (and when I finally get around to talking about food) is Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally and the famous scene at Katz’s Delicatessen. Katz’s Deli has been around forever (since 1888) and they do meat and bread and pickles. You can get a variety on that combination, but that is essentially the gist of it (sorry vegetarians, although there soups and salads…). For meat you have a choice of corned beef,  pastrami or brisket and with or without mustard (with of course). Pickles on the side. The meats sit in huge slow roasting barbecues, the pastrami just oozes with this homely smokiness, succulently pink and juicy. The corned beef has a secret dry rub that’s left to cure for a month. The result is a deliciously subtle flavour and a buttery texture of perfectly cooked meat. They carve it up on the spot for you and slap it in between two thick slices of bread. Done. That’s it. But wooooooow. There is just something so special about a recipe that’s been passed down for over one hundred years! You’re not only eating an amazing sandwich, but you’re lucky enough to experience a recipe that’s been fine tuned, perfected and survived the test of time, to be passed down to eventually reach your plate! And plus, I don’t think Meg Ryan had to try too hard after taking a bite out of her sandwich to fake her orgasm – so tasty! What’s great too, is that there’s an arrow in the restaurant to indicate the seat you can take if you want to emulate the scenes on your Meg Ryan rom com nom nom tour!

pastrami sandwich

Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich

Info: 205 East Houston Street (corner of Ludlow St)

New York City, 10002 – you can order online!?!

How much money to bring: USD$15-$25

OK to bring a date? Hmm maybe?? It’d be a real test of your date, if they get excited about the food instead of shunning the decor – I think you have yourself a winner 🙂

It’s closed on: open 7 days a week, Fri/Sat all night.

Don’t: throw out your ticket after you order! You need to keep it to pay for your meal.

Do: tip your carvers.

Sounds like: “I’ll have what she’s having”

Rating: 4/5

Katz's Deli on Urbanspoon

Empire State Building - view from New Jersey

Empire State Building – view from New Jersey


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