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Coffee in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The people of Buenos Aires are amazingly awesome at three things: crossing roads, eating beef and drinking coffee. You should see these people cross roads, we witnessed Argentinians cross a 14 lane road with like a million cars whizzing past without a sweat. Pedestrian crossing lights are quite redundant in this city. Beef, as the world knows is the shiz in Argentina. And as for the coffee – while they are totes pro at consuming the stuff, the coffee itself is well, quite frankly crap. It makes zero sense as Argentina shares the continent with some of the best coffee producers in the world (Colombia, Peru, Brazil) and its population consists of a large percentage of Italian ethnicity, how do they get it so wrong?

But, however cafe culture is huge in the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires – especially in swanky Palermo. There’s a surprisingly huge number of cute and cosy cafes where the infamously good looking citizens of Buenos Aires deliver a coffee to your table and leave you alone for hours on end to enjoy your cigarettes, conversations and your own company.

So for coffee lovers, do dispair – you will not find your coffee fix in Buenos Aires. But as we learnt, sit back instead and enjoy the sheer pleasure of taking your time over one beverage, enjoy the food that doesn’t involve a slab of meat, and try the mate de yerba. Green, bitter and strangely tasty, this must be the stuff that keeps them all so fit despite the amount of beef they eat. Here is our little cafe tour of swanky Palermo, all reachable from each other by foot and all around $10-$15:

1. Mark’s Deli and Coffee House

El Salvador 4701 , Buenos Aires , Argentina

A little taste of New York in Buenos Aires, it’s famous for its American style baguettes and snooty attitude in the expensive end of Palermo Soho.

2. Mama Racha

Buenos Aires 4602 , Argentina

Nice outdoor cafe that’s perfect for hours of solid people watching. It serves mate tea in both its traditional leaf form and trendy teapot form. Both come with complimentary biscuits and good looking waiters.

3. Oui Oui

Nicaragua 6068, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Uber cute cafe with its own security guard. Sure it’s got a French name but that’s about the only thing French about it. Great place for a Sex in the City style brunch with your bestest gal pals.


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