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Club Eros – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arriving at our apartment in Palermo, Buenos Aires, we promised ourselves to take a “quick siesta” after our tiring flight before heading out to eat and explore. 6 hours later we woke up at 9:30pm. Guh. But that’s okay, this isn’t Melbourne, it’s Buenos Aires – the night’s probably just getting started despite being a Wednesday night. We walked down a few blocks to get some cheap eats at Club Eros. While the place sounds like it should be a strip club or something, it’s actually a futbol club with a dining area. The place looks like it’s closed with curtains covering all the windows, but Eros is marked by the old men standing around smoking out the front of the doors – a very distinct difference to the trendy crowd walking towards the surrounding fancy bars and restaurants. Inside, it’s a bustling place and despite arriving there at 10:30pm the dining room was completely full.

We got a bife de chorizo and chips to share and a massive 1L bottle of Quilmes beer (or 970cm3 as it says on the bottle). The beef was delicious, simply served – a slab of meat slapped onto a plain white plate. Cooked medium rare even though we didn’t even ask and juicy and tender. This is already the difference between the grass fed Argentinian cows to our at times grain fed Australian cows. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it tastes “cowier”. The Argentine national beer Quilmes beer is friggin awesome – especially when it comes in a 1L (970cm3) bottle. And although it was getting warm by the end of the bottle, the taste changed from a nice crisp beer to a flowery sweet aperitif. Lovely! To end, we pointed to a random postre (dessert) on the menu which turned out to be cheese and an indulgent dollop of dulce de leche – a rich thick caramel. We didn’t quite know what to do with it, so we cut up the cheese into sticks and dipped it into the dulce de leche. Heaven. And cheap. It cost us US$10 each!

What a fantastic way to suffer through our jetlag 🙂 Now I’m awake through the night writing this stupid blog.

Info: Uriate 1609 (Corner Honduras and Uriate)

How much money to bring: USD$10-$20

OK to bring a date? No, this would definitely not impress a hot Argentinian girl or boy. Perfect for groups and stingy asian backpackers

It’s closed on: ?

Don’t: dress fancy

Do: attempt Spanish, the waiter gave us a smile when we said gracias!

Sounds like: Quilmes Vamos Vamos Argentina – World Cup commercial

Rating: 2.5/5


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