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El Gaucho – Melbourne, Australia

So I’m going to go backpacking around South America for 3 months (and South East Asia for 2 months). It’s pretty daunting, because I’m pretty pathetic at doing anything physical, let alone carrying a heavy backpack around a continent that I know nothing about. I also can’t read maps. I did however learn two Spanish phrases:

“Dos cervezas por favor” (two beers please) and “Una bottega de vino tinto por favor” (a bottle of red wine please)

I reckon I’m pretty set. But just to acclimatise to the South American way of eating, my friend jwubbq decided that I needed to pay a visit to El Gaucho – an Argentinian asado (barbecue house) based in Carlton North, to warm up my meat eating tastebuds. We had a table of five carnivores and we got the Wednesday night special – all you can eat meat for $26. Oh my josh. Along with a lovely bottle of Mendoza Malbec, we scoffed three large grills worth of meat. Meat meat meat. I apologise to the herbivores out there, but yum. There were delicious racks of ribs, black pudding (a nicer way of saying blood sausage), tender brisket and chorizo sausage – a lovely sample of various bits of cow, all soaking in a deliciously tangy and very salty chimichurri. Once a round of meat was finished, the lovely waitress would ask us what we wanted next and fill the grill up again. We asked for “more ribs please!” Our entire eating experience was topped off with two hours worth of Marc Anthony playing on the television screens. I totes get why JLo would go for this guy.

The meats were ridiculously salty, and salt is delicious. But it meant that the lovely bottle of malbec didn’t last very long. While the meats weren’t the finest quality, and my mouth got pretty tired from chewing after a while, it was a really fun and satisfying meal shared amongst new food buddies and super friendly staff! I absolutely look forward to my eating adventures overseas in South America! (And stay tuned to this blog!)

Info:  454 Nicholson Street, North Carlton (03) 9482 7447

How much money to bring: $26

OK to bring a date? No, but perfect for group dinners IF nobody’s a vegetarian

It’s closed on: 7 nights 6-10pm

Don’t: eat lunch before coming here

Do: sample their Argentinian wines – well priced and delicious

Sounds like: Marc Anthony – I Need To Know

Rating: 2.5/5


El Gaucho on Urbanspoon


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