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Wooly Bully – North Melbourne, Australia

When somebody told me that a record shop slash comic book shop slash cafe opened up down the road from my house, I didn’t believe them. Psh. Sif man. I know that’s too good to be true. How can anybody combine three of my favouritest things ever into one place without it imploding into a black hole of greatness?

But hey, sure enough. There stood Wooly Bully – a hybrid record shop, comic book shop and simple cafe. Clean lines, pastel colours and uncluttered space – which is a refreshing change from the ‘cram in as much cool shit as possible’ cafes and shops on Errol Street – for example the Town Hall Hotel or the antiques shop on Queensberry Street. The menu is tiny, which I don’t mind one bit. Their specialty are bagels, stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings, I had beetroot and goats cheese and it was absolutely delicious. Mac and cheese had run out for the day, but the nice staff ran up a fresh batch for us. Nom nom. Again, pretty tasty, lovely and creamy and nice herbs. Their coffee was yummy as well, which it really has to be to contend with the likes of Auction Rooms across the street. Everything is served back to basics so don’t come if you’re in the mood for a cafe ‘meal’.

While I have nothing to complain about, and my experience was everything positive, there was something unusually odd about sitting in Wooly Bully. While not quite substantial enough to be a record or a comic book store, and not quite culinary enough to dedicate itself as a cafe, Wooly Bully pleasantly sits inbetween lots of good things. Perhaps it was too many good things all at once, and my brain got confused. I’m not sure, but it’s still pretty new so I’m excited to see it grow as it is a nice testament that all you need in life are great food and music (and comic books).

Info:  104 Errol St, North Melbourne

How much money to bring: $5-$15, more if you want to buy records and comic books!

OK to bring a date? hmm ok for a super simple lunch date, better for a catchup with friends

It’s closed on: Tues + Wed

Don’t: come if you want a cigarette with your coffee and bagel, no outdoor seating.

Do: check out their free instore gigs that happen occasionally, watch their website for deets

Sounds like: Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs – Wooly Bully

Rating: 3/5


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