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Hotel Metropolitan

Hotel Metropolitan, Metropolitan Hotel. Does it matter which way around the ‘Hotel’ goes? Apparently putting the ‘hotel’ before the name gives it some hipster cred, which befits any snooty pub situated in North Melbourne (I don’t know why I bag North Melbourne so much, I live there!).

The (Hotel) Metropolitan (Hotel) specialises in meats and steaks, so it is so amazingly appropriate that it is situated on the corner of the Meat Market arts building. A former abattoir, the Meat Market has been transformed into a versatile art and theatre art space. So too the Metropolitan is a gracious homage to the local pub experience, lovingly transformed into a culinary’s delight. The best feature about this pub, is that the dining room menu is also offered in the front bar so you can fine dine casually while watching the footy on the television.

The meats are sourced from Australian farmers and dry aged on site and I love it that the meats are featured front and centre on the succinct menu. I love a short menu as I am so terrible at making eating decisions! My yearling scotch fillet was ordered medium rare, came out on a rustic wooden board accompanied with pepper sauce, roasted garlic and baby onions. The sauce was a bit average, and I wish I was given a little bit more. The roasted garlic and baby onions though, were beautiful and accompanied the meat superbly – it might explain the subtlety of the sauce. The custom made wooden serving board looked fantastic, but I dunno, just wasn’t quite right. It felt like drinking beer from a plastic cup, it just leaves a slight dry finish in my mouth. But the board collects the sauce around the ridges and it pools together in the corner, which is handy – kind of. Anyway, to more important things, the meat was perfectly cooked and so succulent. There were a few minor chewy fatty bits on my otherwise deliciously sweet and tender steak. The sides weren’t spectacular, but it didn’t really matter. Brilliant value for money for a delicious hunk of dry aged Australian cow – and boy are our cows yummy.

Info: 36/42 Courtney Street, North Melbourne (03) 9328 4222

[Vegetarian?] no – [Vegan?] no – [Gluten Free?] ok – [Dairy Free?] ok

How to get there: From Elizabeth Street in the CBD, take the 57 tram to corner Queensberry and Errol Street, then walk a few blocks.

How much money to bring: $25-$50 + more for drinks

OK to bring a date? Yes, call ahead to book the dining room. The front bar is still very nice for a casual date.

It’s closed on: Open 7 days, kitchen closes 9pm

Don’t: you dare put salt on your delicious meat

Do: check out the interesting artsy stuff happening next door at the Meat Market

Sounds like: Pixies – I Bleed

Rating: 3.5/5

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