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Fandango – North Melbourne, Victoria

If you love brunch as much as I love brunch, then this must be on the top of your to eat list. Tucked away on Erroll Street, it’s nicely overlooked by the hoards of coffee addicts making their way over to Auction Rooms. It’s a quaint little cafe built into a rental property, try and get a seat in their back courtyard on a sunny day. On the weekends, they feature their full menu that has their famous scrambled eggs. How good can scrambled eggs get? Well you’ll find out after chowing down on their amazing pesto or beetroot eggs, the dish so mesmerisingly colourful and so tasty with their crusty bread. If you have a ridiculous hangover and don’t think you can stomach food (I speak from experience), go for the bircher muesli. Sounds boring? Totes not. It’s got a massive dollop of lovely strawberries that’ll please your poor liver. If you have the other type of hangover, one where you need to eat a ridiculous amount of greasy food to feel better, order the pancakes with bacon, or the french toast. NOM. Gluttony at its best, not to mention that bacon, bananas and maple syrup go ridiculously well together. Finally, my favouritest item on the menu, the sandwiches. Man, I just can’t figure out how they make their sandwiches so good. Great golden toasted bread with fillings that just make your heart melt. My favourite is the roast pumpkin sandwich add chicken and/or bacon. The tuna sandwich is surprisingly great too. Steer clear of the felafel, they’re a bit dry and grainy. They’re also super nice and can cater to vegetarians, or alter their food to individual tastes.

I absolutely love the painfully simple nature of their food, thrown together with quality ingredients, delicious inventiveness and sheer care and passion for the food and service that they are delivering. On the weekend expect a 15-30 min wait, on the weekdays there are no eggs but a shorter menu of sandwiches. Oh, and it’s cheap too. Brunchtime perfection!

Info: 97 Erroll Street, North Melbourne (03) 9329 0693

[Vegetarian?] ok – [Vegan?] ok – [Gluten Free?] ok – [Dairy Free?] ok

How to get there: catch the 57 tram from Elizabeth St, get off at corner Queensberry and Erroll Streets.

How much money to bring: $10-$20

OK to bring a date? OK for a brunch/lunch date, gets a bit noisy but you can get nice and cosy in the small space!

It’s closed on: Sundays, Mondays, only open 8am-3pm Tues – Sat

Don’t: sit inside during summer, it gets super stuffy

Do: get a pot of tea to admire their hand knitted tea cosies

Sounds like: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti – Bright Lit Blue Skies

Rating: 5/5

Fandango on Urbanspoon


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