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Naked for Satan

I’m doing an art history subject at uni at the moment, and before enrolling into the course it had a huge written notice:


This unit contains mature content including Adult Themes, Nudity and Violence and may not be suitable for some students. Any student under the age of 16 who would like to enrol in this unit must first complete a Parental Consent Form.

WOO I said, nudity yes! This is gona be great. Instead, it ended up being such a painfully dry subject that I struggled to stay awake during.

So, I greeted Naked for Satan with cautioned enthusiasm with my newly learnt lesson that nudity doesn’t necessarily equal fun. Naked for Satan is a tapas bar, with more of an emphasis on being a bar than a restaurant. It’s very casual, you find yourself a table and help yourself to the platters of tapas served up buffet styles. Once you’re done, you count up all your toothpicks and they charge you accordingly. The tapas is very simple with everything served up on chunks of crusty bread with a toothpick pierced through it. The tapas vary between combinations of artichoke, salmon, cured meats, goats cheese, blue cheese, tomatoes, olives, sausages, apple and countless other things I don’t remember anymore. It’s simple nibbles that go down perfectly with a nice drink and great conversation. And on top of all that, the food is dirt cheap – 80 cents each pintxos Mon-Wed, otherwise $2 each – and the drinks list is excellent. It’s the perfect place for group gatherings or after work drinks.

I kind of wish the food was served yum cha styles, where waiters bring food around to me (because I’m lazy). And I possibly wish there wasn’t so much bread as I felt so full afterwards. While Naked for Satan sits in this weird middle ground where it’s not really a place to go for dinner, nor really a bar, it manages to be just a cool place to hang out – which is to be expected from its hipster Fitzroy locale. Naked for Satan refreshingly stands out amongst the other Fitzroy newcomers who serve up unoriginal and overpriced food disguised under kitschy names, pretentious decor and big plates. It’s simple, fresh, interesting and cheap, designed to be in an environment that encourages gatherings and conversation – just the way food should be.

Info: 285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (03) 9416 2238

[Vegetarian?] ok – [Vegan?] no – [Gluten Free?] no – [Dairy Free?] no

How to get there:  from Collins Street in the CBD, take the 112 tram down Brunswick St.

How much money to bring: tapas should only cost $5-$15 and then bring extra for drinks.

OK to bring a date? Yes, there are couches for some snuggling action and other grosses PDAs.

It’s closed on: Open 7 days till 1am

Don’t: come solely for dinner, it’s perfect drinking food and not great for dinner food

Do: come at the start of your night, it’s a great place to kick off your night out on Brunswick Street

Sounds like: Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread

Rating: 3/5

Naked For Satan on Urbanspoon


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