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Miss Chu

When I was in New York, I was flabbergasted at the prices NYC paid for Vietnamese food. Vietnamese food should be cheap. It’s made from cheap and fresh ingredients. So when I stumbled across Miss Chu I immediately dismissed it. Who the hell would pay $14 bucks for a bowl of pho when there’s perfectly good pho in Footscrazy and Richmond $8-$9. And plus, I get the thrill of dodging needles, bad drivers, and getting searched for weapons. Come on Miss Chu you crazy. To add to the egh factor, the original Miss Chu restaurant is from Darlinghurst, Snob-Sydney (kidding, Sydney’s alright).

The self proclaimed “queen of rice paper rolls” is taking up the trend and growing popularity of rice paper rolls amongst city folk as sushi was “so last last season of Masterchef”. The restaurant is laid out like a tuck shop in a loose attempt to emulate the casual atmosphere of hawker eateries in Vietnam. Help yourself to an empty table, grab a pencil and tick the boxes on your menu. When you’re ready, wave your menu around and somebody will come pick it up for you. While I love a system where I don’t have to converse with anybody, it’s a pain in the ass when I need to get my tiny cup of water refilled again, and again, and again…. The rice paper rolls come in cute little takeaway boxes. They’re not mindblowing, but yummy nonetheless. However, the PHO. Oh mangz. The $14 wagyu beef pho is the shiz. The broth is a beautiful rich dark colour, clean and sweet and glowing with flavour. The thinly sliced beef just falls apart with your chopsticks and the portions are generous with just the right amounts of everything. And if you hadn’t had enough party on your tastebuds after the pho, you can take home a Miss Chu compilation CD to listen to as you happily roll yourself home.

Info: 297 Exhibition Street, Melbourne (03) 9077 1097

How much money to bring: $14-$20

OK to bring a date? Yes

It’s closed on: Sunday

Don’t: ask for hoisin sauce, trust me you won’t need it.

Do: get quick takeaway via the tuckshop window if you’re in a rush!

Sounds like: Tinh Yeu Tuyet Voi – CBC Band

Rating: 3.5/5


One thought on “Miss Chu

  1. oooooh, drooling just thinking about it!! 🙂

    Soup of the gods… lol
    Still trying to find one of those “I ❤ Pho" tshirts!!

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