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Hola! Mi llamo Ruby Bean. Dos cervezas por favor. Me puede dar una empanada de pollo. Muchos gracias!

Hi my name is Ruby Bean. I have learnt how to order beer and empanadas in Spanish. Whether this is going to be useful for me at Mamasita I’m not sure. But the staff at this friendly and very busy restaurant know their Mexican food and drinks inside out. Located upstairs near the corner of Spring Street and Collins Street, Mamasita serve up modern Mexican with a twist of pretention but with a gracious delicacy of pronounced flavours. The menu ranges from everything familiar and everything else that we folk don’t know about Mexican food. The menu also covers every single meat groups, seafood, gluten free and vegetarian options so there’s bound to be something in the menu that will appease the fussiest. Flavours range from bland to fragrant, spicy to mild, tiny nibbles to well portioned mains. Its kitchen is also open until midnight so it’ll suit any schedule. So there should be absolutely no excuse for anybody not to try this place out.

Everything here is excellent, except for the stuffed capsicum. And while it sounds boring, you must get the corn. It is surprisingly spectacular! I love coming here and sharing dishes in a group, but it caters alright for nonsharers. If you’re a beer fan, you’ll also love their range of imported Mexican beers, my favourite being the Negra Modelo – an almost black beer with a punch that compliments the food and gets you to your happy place real quick.

Info: 1/11 Collins Street, Melbourne (03) 9650 3821

How much money to bring: $30-$60

OK to bring a date? Yes! Absolutely

It’s closed on: Sundays + public holidays

Don’t: rush. Always expect a 15-60 minute wait for a table. Grab a drink at Siglo’s while you’re waiting

Do: bring your celiac late night working friends

Sounds like: Senorita – Justin Timberlake

Rating: 4/5

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